Why is your Rising Sign so important?

Why is your Rising Sign so important?
Dec 2022

(This FAQ needs answering, right?)
As astrology has grown in popularity over the past few years, (in my opinion thanks to improved technology), more and more people have heard about the fact that they have a Rising Sign.
Your Rising Sign is the most personal point on your horoscope chart because it's dictated by:
-> The date you were born
-> The time you were born
-> The place you were born
The reason why it's the most personal point on your chart is because if someone was born at the exact same moment in time as you, but in a different place, then you could easily have a different rising sign.
And the rising sign actually dictates how the rest of your chart plays out.
For example, if you were born a Gemini and you have Gemini Rising in your chart, then you will have your Sun in your 1st House. That means you're someone who's going to shine in your own right this lifetime.
However if you were born on the exact same day and the same time but elsewhere and you have Sagittarius rising, then your Sun will be in your 7th house. That means you're focus this lifetime is likely to be on relationships.
This is one of the first things that I teach in my Moon Manifesting Made Easy course - why your Rising Sign is so important and how to use it in your manifesting.
Manifesting is something we are all doing 24/7 anyway but if you start to work with the Moon while manifesting, you will see that you're manifesting skills get a massive upgrade which literally could even prove to be life-changing.
Once you understand your Rising Sign and therefore the basics of =your birth chart (you can find your Rising Sign out here), you will start to know when it's the best time to manifest love or money or travel or anything else. This gives you a massive boost in terms of creating your dream life.

Why is your Rising Sign so important?

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