When will I get married?

When will I get married?
Dec 2022

When is the best time to manifest love?
And how can you know the best time to manifest romance?

If you know your Rising Sign, then the answer to this question is basically when your 7th House (aka your Love Zone) is being triggered.

When will I get married?
That's simplifying it but there is no doubt that - for example - the New and Full Moon and the daily Moon in this part of your chart is the time to turn your mind, intentions and manifesting powers to your 7th House aka Your Love Zone.
As well, if you have Jupiter in your 7th House, that's the time you're most likely to get married.
?>I had a funny experience with that, if I may share a little story.
When I was still a journalist and just in the very first years of learning astrology, I was commissioned to write a feature article about Do It Yourself Astrology for Company magazine.
I interviewed an excellent astrologer called Lyn Birkbeck and once the interview was overs, I drew a deep breath asked him to look at my chart and tell me...
When will I get married?
He told me that I would be most likely to get married when Jupiter moved into my 7th House aka my Love Zone.
At the time, that transit was 12 YEARS AWAY!!!!
It seemed like SUCH a long time (in fact Jupiter had just gone through my 7th House - it happens around every 12 years - and I was single as anything so the astrologer told me I would have to wait another 12 years!) ...
... I was a bit disappointed and aghast to think true love was SO far away ...
... but I got on with life, as you do.
And then... 12 years later... I found myself living in Paris and I met a wonderful man called Olivier - who is now my beloved hubby.
And I remember thinking how special he was ... and noticing that Jupiter was actually approaching my 7th House ... and thinking "OMG?!?!?!?"
And lo and behold ... I did get married while Jupiter was in my 7th House aka my Love Zone.
So what's your Love Zone?
It's the sign opposite your Rising Sign.
Confused? No need to be!
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When will I get married?

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