What Type of Sagittarius Are You?

What Type of Sagittarius Are You?
Nov 2022

We are finally into Sagittarius season. The spotlight is on you, sexy archers of the zodiac! It's the perfect time to dive deep into different types of Sagittarius personalities.
Known for their infectious optimism and love for mind-expanding experiences, these centaur-like beings have an uncanny ability to stand out in a crowd. But two Sagittarius people are never the same despite sharing fundamental traits of this zodiac sign.
Which brings us to the question - What is it that contributes to the differences in personalities within this ninth sign of the zodiac?
Let's jump right in and explore different types of Sagittarius personalities.
Different Types of Sagittarius
When you think of a Sagittarius, what comes to mind?
They are a curious bunch
Always learning
Always up for a novel experience
But wait up! There's more to a Sagittarius personality than meets the eye.
Do you have a Sagittarius Sun sign, Moon sign, or Rising sign in your birth chart? If you're into astrology by now, you know that planetary positions in our birth chart are what make each of us unique.
What's more, personality differences within a zodiac sign arise due to decans. What decan a person is born in can make a massive difference to their outlook in life. Like any zodiac sign, Sagittarius energy is expressed quite uniquely in each of these decans.
First - What is a Decan?
"So, what is a decan, and how do I find mine," you might ask.
The decan, or decanate, is a way of diving the zodiac wheel into subsections. With twelve zodiac signs in all, the 360o wheel can be divided twelve ways with 30o in each sign (360o / 12 = 30o).
Each 30o is then divided into three decans of ten degrees each. Then, a planetary ruler for each sub-section is issued for each 10o part according to the Chaldean Numerology Order. The Chaldean Order orders the planets in the solar system from slowest to fastest-moving orbit from our point on Earth-- Saturn - Jupiter - Mars - Sun - Venus - Mercury - Moon.
So, for each sign, you will have a main planetary ruler (For example, Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter) and then one of three other rulers, depending on what part of the zodiac season you were born in.
Sagittarius 1st Decan
Those born in the first third of the Sagittarius season or those born in the first 10 degrees of this zodiac sign belong to the 1st decan.
This 1st decan November Sagittarians have these traits in common:
A decidedly progressive mindset
An unquenchable thirst for learning
Their nose can often be found in a book
Prone to risk-taking
Sure about themselves
By far, among all the decans, November-born Sags are the ones who represent this Fire sign to the T!
Don't be surprised if you find them engrossed in their favorite wanderlust Pinterest board planning their next adventure. This type of Sagittarian chafe at the idea of "settling down" and would rather live out of an RV in true nomadic style--living up to the adventurous stereotype of this sign.
In addition to having a travel bug, some of the 1st decan folks also hold a deep fascination for ancient healing modalities and can easily step into the shoes of a shaman.
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Sagittarius 2nd Decan
Early December-born Sagitariuses or those with their Moon/Rising sign at 10-20 degrees of this zodiac fall into the 2nd decan.
In this decan, Jupiter's energy takes on the role of a spiritual teacher or professor of the zodiac. These Sags are all about hidden knowledge, and occult mysticism. You might catch this type of Sagittarius hanging out in the metaphysics section at your local bookstore.
For these Sags, learning about Astrology, kundalini awakening, and other occult stuff is never enough. They absolutely need to share it with you and anyone who will listen to these ancient spiritual truths.
Due to their magical allure, 2nd decan Sagittarians can effortlessly make an audience pay attention to them when they speak.
They also:
Have an unmistakable air of confidence
Are more bold and spontaneous than other decans
Fearlessly follow their impulses
Are highly opinionated about topics that interest them
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Sagittarius 3rd Decan
The third and final decan of Sagittarians or 20-30 degrees of their Moon/Rising sign often feel misunderstood, aren't always extroverted, unlike the other Sag decans, and are slightly withdrawn from society.
This decan is fueled by an ability to envision a better future for humanity, so much so that some of them even grow to become lightworkers.
You might find 3rd decan Sagittarians also tend to:
Focus on matters of the intellect
Think deeply
Chase creative pursuits
Have killer intuition
Enjoy getting lost in their rich inner world of imagination
Additionally, their strong psychic presence makes them spiritual warriors who hold a desire to transform the low vibrational mindset of the masses.
Where is Your Sagittarius Decan?
No matter our zodiac sign, we all want to understand ourselves at a deeper level. To this end, Astrology is an incredible tool that gives you in-depth insights into who you are.
If you are a Sag and wondered why you are/aren't like your stereotypical Fire sign, decans are your answer. We hope this article helps you look at different types of Sagittarius through the lens of the three decans.
Whichever decan you belong to, one thing is for sure - your adventurous spirit will be sure to leave a unique footprint wherever you go.
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