What a lovely compliment!

What a lovely compliment!
May 2020

I had a BEAUTIFUL message from someone who is doing my Venus retrograde mini course + course - so touching and I wanted to share it here.
For one thing, she said the course is helping her make up with an estranged sister (fingers crossed!!!) and for another, she said this which made so so happy!
... I listened to your recording 3 times and learnt new things each time I listened to it.
That makes my soul sing because I *know* the course is powerful. But it really is multi-layered.
If you do it on the surface, you will get surface results.
If you go into it thinking, "I know all this..." you won't learn.
But if you did as this clever and inspired reader did and you do it with an open heart and a humble approach to the wisdom you're lining up for, it can change your life!
It's here www.moonmessages.com/venusrx
Right now they way we have it set up, you need to do the first 3 lessons and THEN you can purchase the full-length course which takes you deeper <3