Virgo Full Moon: Systems Check

Virgo Full Moon: Systems Check
Mar 2023

Welcome to the Virgo Full Moon. It's the time of the astrological year when the spotlight is on practice and craft, details and organization, work and schedule, health and wellness. Virgo helps us to get our real-world lives running in top form. The full moon is exact on March 7, 2023 at 7:40 am ET, 16 degrees Virgo/Pisces. That's 4:40 am Los Angeles, 12:40 pm London, 2:40 pm Johannesburg, 11:40 pm Sydney, and 1:40 am Auckland on March 8.

Full moons demand decisions and awareness. They put a matter into the spotlight. We see things for what they are. We have to take action. For some, a full moon can be a crisis point or a confrontational moment when we have to react in real time.

As the counter to ethereal Pisces Season, Virgo puts our feet back on solid ground, a reminder that for all of Pisces's dreamy energy, we need earthy Virgo to put things into reality. Personally I love the Virgo-Pisces dynamic, a reminder that life can't be so practical that we lose sight of the magic. And vice versa.

I've probably said this before, but it's my belief that Virgo is one of the most underrated signs of the zodiac. Reduced to memes about cleaning, we miss what Virgo really is -- a sign that helps our lives run. Imagine a life without organization and structure, commitment and follow through, schedule and routine? It's not to say that we can't have flexibility, but Virgo helps us to make things happen.

It's also the sign of health and wellness and it's a full moon to make sure we're paying attention to diet, fitness, and nutrition. Is there something we need to change? A tweak to the system? Commit to getting more fresh air and exercise? Do we need to make an appointment for a check up? Reach out to our herbalist or acupuncturist?

Then again, if Virgo is all about the real world, we can't forget that Mercury, the ruler of the full moon, is over in Pisces, a sign that's well suited to letting go attachments, addictions, and sufferings. It's also a reminder that health is not just physical, it's emotional and spiritual. And we may need to take a holistic perspective on our lives during this full moon.

Although Saturn is poised to enter Pisces, it's still at 29 Aquarius at the time of the exact full moon. You could say that this full moon brings to a close our time with Saturn in Aquarius. Are we ready to put what we learned into practice?

We don't always think that Virgo and Aquarius have much in common, but they actually speak well to the various systems that govern our lives. From the daily systems that keep things flowing (Virgo) to the larger social systems (Aquarius) that keep our world intact. It's a full moon to look at both the personal and the collective, the micro and the macro.

That said, use this full moon to do a systems check. How are things running? What actions need to be made? After all, the full moon makes a square to Mars in Gemini, spurring us into action and getting us to make some decisions that perhaps have been languishing while Mars wraps up its retrograde shadow.

Mars can make for impatience and short fuses at the time of the full moon. Use Pisces energy to diffuse and to find compassion for others.