The Moon, manifesting and the importance of the present moment

The Moon, manifesting and the importance of the present moment
Jan 2023

The more we walk the spiritual path, the clearer it becomes that it's vital for us to live in the present moment, agreed?
If we spend all our time thinking about what was, or what might be, we are not in the present - and it's in the present that we create our future.

While it's important to process the past and envisage the future, stepping out of the present can easily be taken too far.
There is at least one well known study on this. Former Harvard researcher and Ted talk alum Matt Killingsworth found that our minds wander from the present moment on average up to 47% of the time.
Not only that but they usually wander to negative thoughts! The report concluded that happiness is actually found by living in the now .
?>So how does the Moon fit with all this?
Put simply, the lunar cycle offers us the ideal (and free!) framework to work with.
Of course we want to have aims and ambitions for our future. It's more than ok to fix our minds on those on a regular basis. Doing manifesting practise at New Moon is ideal and something magical women have done for eons.
That's not living in the future; it's envisaging it and then releasing it into the ethers to manifest. Then we come back to the present.
What we don't want to do is worry obsessively about what's to come or about something which hasn't happened yet.
Ruminating on all the dreadful things which may never happen is to be avoided because it takes us out of the present moment and moreover, it attracts the very things we are worried about!
So that's why we don't want to live in the future.
We also need to let the past go, too, if we are to live in the present.
Until we release past upsets from days gone by, we carry them around with us - that's why it's called "emotional baggage"!
The Full Moon is perfect for accessing the emotions swirling around past dramas, and processing it. All we need do is have the intention to release anyone and anything which no longer serves us.
We can do that through forgiveness and through modalities such as tapping and breathwork.
The Full Moon every month is ideal for these clear outs. Why? Because as we all know, at the time of the Full Moon, all our feelings come to the surface, all the better for us to access them and let them go.
Once you can cast the past aside, you will find it easier to live in the present moment. Your life will no longer be steered because you're acting out of upsets from the past.
The upshot of this is that you will become a more powerful manifestor.
If you love the Moon and want to know more about using the lunar cycle to manifest your dreams, join me for my New Moons Masterclass on the weekend - moonology.com/moon-manifesting-masterclass">it's free and details are here.

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