Pluto in Aquarius: Sign by Sign

Pluto in Aquarius: Sign by Sign
Mar 2023

For the first time in two centuries, Pluto is in Aquarius, which begins a collective shift to transform and reform the systems, networks, and ideas that shape our world. On a personal level, Pluto will initiate a major change in a key area of our lives.

Although Pluto moves so slowly, there are a couple of important points to note. First, the events around Pluto's arrival in March 2023, January 2024, and November 2024 constitute the the first elements in a story that will unfold over the coming years. Two, to reflect back on Pluto's arrival in Capricorn in 2008 for a reference for the last time Pluto changed signs. Three, Pluto will show us the shadow or unconscious relationship with an energy or archetype so we can put it into the light of consciousness.

Regardless, it's the start of a new era, one that will pick up on notes as well as lessons from Saturn's time in Aquarius from 2020-2023. Pluto will make its final entry into Aquarius on November 19, 2024, remaining until 2044.

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Aries or Aries Rising -- Friends, community, social connection, humanity, collective. It's the start of a major shift in your relationship with friends and community, society and humanity. Pluto will push you to transform and reform existing social connections and networks, to tear down and rebuild communities as well as your place in the world. Over the coming years you will need to find powerful new relationships built on justice and equity and open up your mind to the world. You may become more active in social and humanitarian causes or politics.

Taurus or Taurus Rising -- Career, ambition, public life, reputation, responsibility. This begins a powerful new season in your professional life and career ambitions, one anticipated by Saturn's time in Aquarius from 2020-2023. The coming years will reshape and transform your relationship with power. For some, this means tearing down existing frameworks for power and ambition. For others, it's a time to step into powerful public roles, take on more responsibility, or engage in work that has a greater impact in the world. Your career and worldly life will look nothing as it does now in the next decade plus. But, first, Pluto will show you where you're not standing in your power.

Gemini or Gemini Rising -- Faith, truth, meaning, convictions, education, exploration. What do you believe in? What are the ideals and convictions that shape your life? Pluto will spend the coming years powerfully reshaping and transforming your framework for justice and truth. If your sense of right and wrong has been unconsciously shaped by religion and other beliefs, then Pluto will reveal what is hidden so change can happen. This is a large chapter of time to get very clear about what you stand for. Education and travel may powerfully drive your experiences.

Cancer or Cancer Rising -- The deep self, emotional transformation, intimacy, power, rebirth. Pluto leads you into the deepest parts of yourself, a space you discovered or rediscovered from 2020-2023. What's different is that now Pluto gives you the power to do the real reformation and transformation, annihilating the old within to rebirth the new. This is not a one-sized-fits-all Pluto transit. Instead, it reveals a personal legacy with power, intimacy, and control ... and the work to reshape that legacy. Pluto may also speak to wealth and assets, shifting your relationship with the material plane over the coming years.

Leo or Leo Rising -- Relationship, socialization, opening up to others. Pluto's arrival in your sign of partnership marks a major change of seasons in your life, one that will fundamentally remake and transform the systems that run your relationships and how you connect to others. It's important to take inventory with all patterns in relationships, romantic and otherwise, looking for common threads. If it's a pattern that has created suffering and disconnection, Pluto gives you the power to make a real and lasting change. The same counts for relationships that have been uneven or not allowed room for your input. Careful to note the health of existing major relationships. But for those who have done a real work prior to Pluto's arrival, this may herald the beginning of a powerful relationship that transforms life.

Virgo or Virgo Rising -- Health, wellness, organization, service, practice. What is your relationship with ritual, an attention to detail, and the daily duties we must all navigate? Although Pluto's time in this space may not be immediately evident, what will begin to fundamentally change is your relationship with life. If you've struggled to be present in life, then Pluto will signal a need to change. This may also mean needing to make lasting and powerful changes in how you take care of your body and all matters of health. Look to the signals and clues that Saturn left you while it was in Aquarius from 2020-2023. Pluto may also push you to take on a major project or use your power to be of service to others.

Libra or Libra Rising -- Identity, creativity, self expression, individualization. Do you know who you are? Do you take yourself and your talents seriously? Saturn's time in Aquarius from 2020-2023 gave you a lot of material to work on around these questions. Pluto will push you to powerfully take action on this material over the coming years. If you struggle to inhabit your identity or to stand self confidently, then Pluto will show you what's in the way. For some, it's a look at the shadow self as well as a demand to reform any self destructive patterns. For others, it's a time to step into full creative power, to use identity and individuality to have a powerful impact, to completely remake facets of the self.

Scorpio or Scorpio Rising -- Home, family, roots, foundation, past, emotional stability. It's the start of a major new season, one that will powerfully reshape and transform your relationship with home and family. Saturn's time in Aquarius from 2020-2023 gave you a lot of material as well as realizations that will take you into the coming years. It's important to take inventory with your relationship with home and family. Did Saturn expose family or ancestral emotional patterns that need reformation? Pluto will then push you to reform these old patterns that no longer or never did nourish you. It's a time to also remake the foundation of your life or to inhabit a foundation that perhaps you've been reluctant to do so. This isn't a one-sized-fits-all Pluto transit. For some, it will be the need to take on the ghosts of the past so that they no longer linger. For others, home and family will be a defining force over the coming years.

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising -- The mind, voice, communication, thinking, learning, choice. After working the past few years to find your voice through Saturn, Pluto's time in Aquarius marks a larger chapter focused on excising anything that's in the way of people hearing the real you. (Also known as, don't be a cover band in your own life.) You'll also be focusing on the power of the mind, from doing deep work on rebuilding your relationship with how you speak and communicate to your ability to teach and share. You'll also be taking a sharp look at the power of choice and how it impacts others.

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising -- Money, income, material stability, value, self worth. Building on the major lessons you learned through Saturn's time in Aquarius, Pluto arrives to capitalize on these gains. Over the coming years, you're working to powerfully create increased material stability and security in your life. Pluto's time in this part of your astrology means different things for different Capricorns and it is worth making an audit of money and assets, including unconscious beliefs around your material life. For some, something has to powerfully shift, tearing down anything that is in the way of material stability and self worth. For others, it's the accumulation of wealth and assets and the transformation of their relationship with money and worth.

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising -- Major new beginnings, restructure, rebirth, power, individuation. It's hard to underestimate Pluto's power in your sign over the coming years. Its arrival in Aquarius marks a major change of seasons, one that may have been foreshadowed by Saturn's time in Aquarius from 2020-2023. This is the start of a transformative new chapter, one that will unfold differently for every Aquarius. It all depends on your relationship with power and control. For some, Pluto's revealing where you can no longer resist necessary changes and reformations. For others, it's a time to step into Pluto's energy, which can transform your life and how you take the lead and connect with others. Either way, the person you will become over the coming years will be unlike anything you are now.

Pisces or Pisces Rising -- The unconscious, spirituality, spiritual connection, letting go. Pluto's shift will likely not register to the effect of other signs. For you, Pluto leads you into your 12th sign, the last sign, the sign that opens you up to spirituality and leads you to the end of a great journey. Saturn already led you through this space from 2020-2023, showing you what's beyond this world. Pluto's arrival is a bit different. It wants to tear down any unconscious blocks, anything standing in the way of you connecting to your highest self. For some, it's the start of a long spiritual journey. For others, it's a chapter of letting go and making space for something new.