Patreon Post: When Transits Trigger Depression (Neptune)

Patreon Post: When Transits Trigger Depression (Neptune)
Nov 2020

A new Patreon post (for $25 Patrons-Question of the Week) is up: how to deal with a transit that triggers depression. Part 1 in a series (posts on Saturn and Pluto to follow).
This reward tier is good for you if you have a question but don't want to wait months for a consult (and you're ok with me posting the question and answer on my Patreon page for others to see). I don't analyze your chart (and it won't be as detailed an answer as a consult or the $100 tier) but I will answer questions such as "Transiting Saturn is squaring my 4th House Libra Moon - what might this mean for me?" Check out the $25 Exalted Tier for more details.
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