Palasha Kshara

Palasha Kshara

Palasha Kshara
Reference - Sahasrayoga Kshara Prakarana 96.

Palasha Kshara is an ayurvedic formulation. This is prepared from an herb palasha. Palasha is a famous ayurvedic herb, which is used since ancient times. This is famous for its leaves, which are used to make food plates. About kshara, it is an extract of the herb ashes, which are alkaline in nature. This kshara is given to the persons who suffer from worms, skin ailments or kidney stones.
?>Whole Palasha plant
Lime powder
Conch powder
Shankha bhasma
Shukti choorna
Method of Preparation
Take the plant of palasha and burn in open air.
Take up to 3.072 kg ash and added up to 12 litre water. Boil this water and reduce one fourth level of water remained.
Then do filtration of this decoction for 21 times. Filtration is done with four folded cloth.
After filtration it is boiled till it becomes solid.
After its solidification, add conch powder up to 48 g, lime powder 24 g, shankha bhsama 192 g and shukti powder up to 96 g.
Take this mixture and heat this again until its all moisture got lost.
Now preserved this in heap of grains.
250 mg to one gram per day with rock salt and trikuta churna, after food.
Liver and spleen disorders
Internal abscess
Urinary calculi
Avoid self-medication.
Avoid in pregnancy and infants.

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