Moon Planning for October #2

Moon Planning for October #2
Oct 2014

Moon Planning for October #2
October 11-13, Gemini Moon
Let your curiosity lead your forward. New discoveries lie in wait for the eager explorer. Talk to someone you normally wouldn't, download that podcast or sign up for a course. New information
Moon Planning for October #2
adds spice to life.
October 14-15, Cancer Third-Quarter Moon
Cuddles and comfort will help soothe almost anything now. Spend time with people you trust, beautify your home or reach out to family. People rather than progress matter most.
October 16-18, Leo Moon
Leadership and socializing are highlighted by the combination of the Moon in Leo and the Sun in Libra. A stellar soiree may be a great venue to make a striking impression, or you may simply want to treat your BFF to a decadent night out. Celebrate in style[photo3].
October 19-20, Virgo Moon
Organize and streamline life. The balsamic Moon in Virgo is a perfect time to de-clutter on all levels. Purge excess stuff from your space, overhaul your eating habits and scale back social events you don't really want to attend. Less is more.
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