Mars in Taurus, Moon in Pisces Compatibility

Mars in Taurus, Moon in Pisces Compatibility
Jun 2015

Mars in Taurus moves slowly but surely, and Moon in Pisces needs a gradual approach. Taurus may be all about reality, while Pisces is an escapist, but they are complementary. Taurus' mellow but grounded energy blends with Pisces' dreamy sensitivity, creating the perfect mix of realism and romance.
Mars in Taurus knows how to get things done. He keeps his goals basic, aiming for what he knows is achievable (and then pursuing the outcome with relentless determination). Fortunately for Mars in Taurus' partner, he adds a large helping of indulgence to his actions; he sees no reason why life can't include hard work and rewards (like good food and good sex).
Moon in Pisces needs a safe space. This incredibly sensitive Moon absorbs the energies in her environment, so her home life and partner should be serene and protective. Moon in Pisces will give until she's drained, and then retreat into her private world so she can recharge. But even if her partner respects her boundaries (or encourages her to develop some boundaries) there will still be moments when she drifts away to explore alternate universes.
Mars in Taurus will be compelled to build a secure fortress around his sensitive Pisces lover, and Moon in Pisces will feel safe within his walls. His practical approach will keep her grounded, while his indulgent side will treat her gently. He may not fully understand her connection to what's not real, but he'll be patient with her. Moon in Pisces' sensitivity can polish some of Taurus' less refined instincts, showing him that there is more to life than what's in front of him. Together, they can manifest a gentle, comforting union that's strong enough to go the distance.
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