Madhava Nidana Chapter 29 Hridroga Nidanam

Madhava Nidana Chapter 29 Hridroga Nidanam
Apr 2023

This article explains Madhava nidana 29th chapter "Hridroga Nidanam". Causes, pathology and symptoms of Hrudroga are explained in this chapter.
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Table of Contents

Hridroga Nidana Hrudroga SampraptiVataja Hridrog Pittaja Hrudroga SymptomsKaphaja Hrudrog SymptomsTridoshaja Hridroga Krimija Hridroga Hridroga Upadrava

Hridroga Nidana

Etiological factors of heart diseases
Regular and excessive consumption of foods which are very hot, heavy (hard to digest), predominantly astringent and bitter in taste, excess fatigue, injury, eating before the previous food has been digested, excessive worry, and suppression of the urges of the body are the causative factors of five kinds of heart diseases. (1)
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Hrudroga Samprapti

Pathogenesis of heart diseases
The doshas having undergone morbid increase by their etiological factors, vitiate the rasa dhaatu, and get localised in the heart which is the seat of rasa dhatu and causes disease (pain) in the heart. This condition is called as Hridroga. (2)

Vataja Hridrog

In Vataja hridroga - the pain in the heart is pulling (constricting), piercing / pricking, churning, bursting or tearing in nature. (3)

Pittaja Hrudroga Symptoms

In Pittaja Hridroga - the person would have thirst, increased heat (temperature) in the body, burning sensation, localized heat, tiredness / weakness of the heart, feeling of movement of hot smoke (of hot air) inside the chest, unconsciousness (loss of consciousness), increased sweating and dryness of the mouth. (4)

Kaphaja Hrudrog Symptoms

In Kaphaja Hridroga - there will be feeling of heaviness of the body, excessive salivation (watery secretions from the mouth, nose, eyes), loss of taste, stiffness of the body parts, weak digestive fire (poor digestion capacity), and manifestation of sweet taste in the mouth. (5)
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Tridoshaja Hridroga

Tridoshaja Hridroga - In this condition the symptoms of all the three doshas will be present in mixed proportions.

Krimija Hridroga

Krimija Hridroga - There will be severe pain, pricking sensation and itching (in the chest or in the region of the heart). (Master Charaka)

According to Master Sushruta Krimija Hridroga will manifest with nausea, severe and repeated spitting, pricking pain, severe pain, nausea (oppression in the chest), experiencing darkness in front of the eyes, tastelessness (loss of taste of food), blackish appearance of the eyes (around the eyes) and oedema (swelling). (6)
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Hridroga Upadrava

Complications of Heart diseases
Debility, exhaustion, giddiness and emaciation are the complications of Hridroga . The complications explained in Kaphaja Krimi Roga (worm or parasitic infestation caused by excessive kapha) are found in Krimija Hridroga also. (7)
Thus ends the chapter on Hridroga .

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