Mabon Tablescape – A Ritual Gathering For Fall Equinox…

Mabon Tablescape – A Ritual Gathering For Fall Equinox…
Sep 2022


Fall Equinox holds the true spirit of Autumn.
Whether you're a fan of pumpkin spice and sweaters, or you adore the crunch of dry leaves underfoot, there's bound to be so much you're grateful for at this time of year.
Lilac, lavender, purple and plum are my choice colours for this time.
Pull out a purple theme!
I prefer using the stronger, richer jewel toned themes for Sagittarius Season, for the suppers before Yule when we need a reminder of rich berries and jubilance!
Whereas Mabon holds a Venusian sweetness and sense of romance...
Try to find these muted shades in nature!
Fall Equinox, Mabon and Autumn-time is more about a moment of balance, welcoming Libra Season and equilibrium, a sense of calm congeniality...
Gather some leaves from your path, and dry them as beautiful adornments for your home...
Or use chocolates dusted with a golden sheen...
Brown is a wonderful colour to use at this time...
Go rich and sumptuous with decor, adding cosy touches and textures to usher in fall.
Hints of fresh green, and autumnal tones can be used throughout!
The second of two harvest festivals, the Fall Equinox is a time of abundance and plenty, a time for celebrating balance in nature and its bounty...
Fresh green, yellow and tones mustard are a favourite colour combination of mine, representing the flavours of fall...
And don't forget the key symbol of Mabon, the Horn of Plenty: Cornucopia...
You can add this item to your table or alter.