Living Large: Sun, Moon + Jupiter

Living Large: Sun, Moon + Jupiter
Nov 2014

[photo1]The weekend kicks off with two triggers to expansive Jupiter, by the Sun in Scorpio and the Moon (also in Leo).
The next 24 hours may offer an over the top of luxury experience, or invite you to get out of your comfort zone in an exciting new way.
The Scorpio Sun will square Jupiter suggesting some adjustments may be required, or that there may be a small level of tension, perhaps to do with handling logistics for your over size plans.
This can be exciting, like stretching into a new kind of experience. You might splurge on a decadent night out and the tension could come from balancing your budget with your five star plans.
The Moon is in Leo and will cuddle up to Jupiter, which creates one of the luckiest astro energies. This will be in play all day Friday. If you need to get someone's attention, a pitch or invitation now may do the trick.
Over to you.....do you have any exciting or slightly more extravagant than usual plans on at the moment?