How Will Pluto In Aquarius Affect Virgo?

How Will Pluto In Aquarius Affect Virgo?

Working with a client with a zero degree Virgo sun, I had to consider the impact of his Pluto in Aquarius transit. I have not been able to stop thinking about it, which offers a clue.

For newbies or anyone who may not realize it, Virgo is inconjunct (or quincunx) Aquarius. You can read more about the nature of that aspect below. But for this post, I want to focus on how Pluto in Aquarius might impact Virgos since it's becomming obvious to me and guess what? It's interesting!

If you're looking at this in relation to your sun, moon or other planets, know that this aspect is usually given a tight orb. Three degrees, max. That doesn't mean you can't see or feel it coming four degrees out. I'm just giving you some kind of measure. We're talking about Pluto here and regardless of who Virgo might be dissed in astrology, these are sensitive people, kind of like a tuning for or many an antenna. So in this case, I would give this transit three degrees applying and two degree separating. As Pluto moves out, you'd be dealing with the aftermath.

Virgo is a thinker. When Pluto aspects planets in Virgo, obsession is likely to be featured. You can think obsessively but this may also take the form of OCD, germaphobia and such. I know that doesn't sound good but it must be said!

On the upside, Virgo will be able to think deeply and when you marry the typical Virgo brain to lighting-fast Aquarius and Pluto-type keen instinct or insight... well you see what I mean. Virgo is going to be one to watch. It's like boosting the signal of a person who is already high-strung and intelligent. There's going to be an affect.

This is Satori's post on the quincunx.

The Quincunx Aspect

So tell me, are there any Virgos out there, starting to tweak?

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