How To Deal With Mars Conjunct Uranus

How To Deal With Mars Conjunct Uranus
Jul 2022

Mars is nearing it's conjunction with Uranus and the node. I have not seen anything drastic occur but I do have some observations which might help you navigate.
First, it's a good time to detach and give people some space. Uranus is aspecting Mercury and Saturn. Time (Saturn) and space (Uranus) to think (Mercury). People are also likely to want to think independently. It's probably not a good time to shove your ideas down anyone's throat. If you persist, you risk rejection (Saturn).
Mars is all about being effective. I am seeing regular people get knocked of their game in ways you'd not expect. As an example, the man doing my back and neck x-rays today had tremendous problems with the equipment which was spazzing out.
The repairman is coming to look at my washer today. I've been waiting a month so he's like a dignitary coming by at this point. His wife schedules him. He's coming at three but she will text me if he is early or late. I'm sure you can see how stupid it would be for me to complain about anything. A thinking person (Mercury) can manage (Saturn) the unpredictability (Uranus). I can also check (Saturn) any impatience (Mars) I may feel. Or frustration (Mars Saturn) for that matter.
I don't enjoy any of this but I've been taken aback by all the predictions of doom over this combination. To me it just seems you have to wiggle things a little to make them fit!
This doesn't mean a person can't go off like a rocket. They certainly can but space and boundaries can go a long way in limiting any fallout.
Oh! I've also had some cyber (Uranus) attacks (Mars) this week. You may have seen the site offline for short periods of time (Mercury). Uranus-type bursts.
What's happening in your life?