Health Benefits of Baheda

Health Benefits of Baheda
Nov 2021

What is Baheda?
Bahera is a part of Triphala. In spring, after the leaves fall from the Bahera tree, new twigs or branches of copper color emerge on it. Flowers bloom with this twig or branch till the arrival of summer season. Its fruits ripen by the first of spring. The peel of Bahera fruits is expectorant. It has a great effect on diseases related to the throat and respiratory tract. The kernel of its seeds ends pain and swelling.
Bahera or Vibhitaki, Amla and Haritaki are all expectorant, vaginal decongestant, milk purifier and digestive. Baheda is also laxative. It gives strength to the stomach. No other medicine that gives strength to the stomach is more than this. Its half-ripe fruit is fibrous and digestible. Bahera is beneficial for hair and bone marrow.
Name of Baheda in Different Languages
Botanical name - Terminalia bellirica (Gaertn.) Roxb. (Terminalia bellerica) Syn-Myrobalanus bellirica Gaertn.
Family- Combretaceae family.
Vernacular Names-
Hindi - Halla, Bahera, Phinas, Bhaira
Sanskrit - Bhootvasa, Vibhitaka, Aksha, Karshaphala, Kalidrum
English- Siamese terminalia, Bastard myrobalan
Arabic - Balilaj, Batilaj, Beleyuj;
Persian - Belela, Beleyah
Urdu - Bahera
Assamese - Bauri
Konkani - Goting
Kannada - Tode, Torei
Gujarati - Beheda, Beda
Tamil - Tanri, Tanitandi
Telugu - Dhindi, Tadichettu
Bengali - Saag, Bayada
Nepali - Barro
Marathi - Behada, Beheda
Punjabi - Bahira, Baheda
Manipuri - Bahera
Malayalam - Thanni (Tanni)
Baheda Benefits and Uses
Till now you know that how many names are of Baheda (bibhitaki).
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Let us now know how and in which diseases Bahera can be used medicinally:-
Hair Problem
Megi oil of Bahera fruit is very nutritious for hair.
This makes the hair healthy.
Eye Disease
Consumption of equal quantity of mixture of Bahera (belleric myrobalan) and sugar enhances the eyesight.
Take sesame oil, Bahera oil, juice of Bhangra and decoction of Vijaysar.
Cook them in oil in an iron vessel.
Using it daily improves eyesight.
Grinding the bark of Bahera and mixing it with honey ends eye pain.
Mixing the powder of Bahede's fenugreek with honey and applying it like a kajal is beneficial in eye pain and swelling.
Make a fine paste by mixing Baheda churna with honey. Applying it like kajal every morning cures eye disease.
Excessive Salivation-
Mix equal quantity of sugar in 1 1/2 grams of Bahera.
Eating it for a few days ends the problem of excessive salivation.
Respiratory Problems-
Make a powder by taking equal quantity of the bark of Bahera and Harad.
Taking 4 grams of this medicine provides relief in asthma and cough.
Sucking 3 to 6 grams peels of seedless fruit of Behera (belleric myrobalan) (which has been removed after purulent) in the mouth is beneficial in cough and asthma.
Mix honey in large quantity in the powder (10 grams) of the bark of Bahad fruit.
Licking it gives quick relief in severe asthma and hiccups.
Kidney Stone Disease-
Mix honey in 3-4 grams powder of marrow of Bahera fruit.
Licking it in the morning and evening will cure kidney stones.
Fighting with Cough-
Sucking the peel of Bahera is beneficial in cough.
Cooking after adding Adusa, black salt and Baheda to goat's milk, it is beneficial in all types of cough.
Mix honey in 10 grams of Baheda churna.
Licking it after meals in the morning and evening is very beneficial in dry cough and chronic asthma.
Grease ghee in Baheda fruit.
Cook a finger of flour on it by applying a thick coating.
When it cools down to the temperature of the skin, take out the dough on top of it.
After this suck the peel of Bahera. It is beneficial in the problem of cough, cold, asthma and sore throat.
Dip a fruit of Bahera in ghee and wrap it with grass. Close it in cow dung and cook it in the fire. Make it seedless and keep it in the mouth and suck it. It cures diseases like cough, cold, asthma and sore throat.
Heart Diseases
Mix equal quantity of powder of Bahera fruit and Ashwagandha powder.
Mixing jaggery in the quantity of 5 grams and consuming it with hot water is beneficial in heart disease.
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Taking 3-6 grams powder of Baheda fruit after eating it improves digestion power.
Grind 2-5 grams bark and 1-2 cloves of Baheda tree and mix it in 1 teaspoon honey.
Licking it 3-4 times a day provides relief in diarrhea.
Consuming 2-3 toasted fruits of Bahera also cures severe disease of diarrhea.
Urinary Disease
Mix honey in 3-4 grams powder of marrow of the fruit of Baheda (vibhitaki).
Licking it in the morning and evening is beneficial in the problem of burning in urine.
Controlling Diabetes
Make powder of the flowers of Bahera, Rohini, Kutaj, Kaith, Sarj, Saptparna and Kabila.
Take 2 to 3 grams of it and mix it with 1 teaspoon honey and consume it.
It is beneficial in diabetes caused due to pitta disorder.
Helps in Impotence
Mix 6 grams of jaggery in 3 grams of Bahera powder.
Consuming it every morning and evening ends impotence and increases the feeling of work.
Skin Disease
Mingi oil of Baheda (vibhitaki) fruit is beneficial in skin diseases like scabies, itching etc. and it is reducing irritation.
The problem of itching and burning gets cured by its massage.
Fighting with Fever
Mix 1 teaspoon ghee in 40-60 ml decoction of Bahera and Jawase.
Drinking it thrice a day is beneficial in fever caused by bile and phlegm disorders.
Grind the marrow of Bahera and apply it on the body, it ends the burning sensation caused by Pittaja fever.
Helps in Reducing Swelling
Make a paste by grinding the seeds of Bahera, it ends all kinds of swelling, burning and pain.
Applying the paste of Bahera's Meengi cures the swelling caused by bile disorders.
Eye Disease
The use of Bahera is beneficial in eye diseases because according to Ayurveda, the properties of eyes are found in Bahera, due to which Bahera benefits in eye diseases.
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Breathing Problem
Breathing problems are mostly due to the aggravation of Kapha dosha in which mucus starts collecting in the respiratory tract.
Bahera has anti-phlegm properties, as well as being warm, it helps in melting the mucus and giving relief.
Improving Digestion power
Due to the hot properties found in Baheda, it also helps in increasing the digestive power by intensifying the fire.
Side Effects of Baheda- Consuming excessive amount of Vibhitaki can cause vomiting.
Useful Parts of Baheda
Dried fruit seeds
How Much to Consume Baheda- 3-6 grams
For maximum benefit, use Bahera as per the advice of the doctor.