Diet Charts
Feb 2020

INTRODUCTION In Ayurveda, jaundice is known as Kamala. It is a common condition caused by the increase in Bilirubin level in the body. It can occur due to inflammation of liver or an obstructed bile duct. Symptoms may include fever, fatigue, and a yellow tinge on your skin and eyes or vomiting and body weakness. A balanced diet consisting of the food groups, low-fat, low-protein, high-fluid, and high-carbohydrate will help liver to recover and reduce jaundice quickly. It is strictly advised to avoid high-calorie, processed foods, bakery foods, meat, junk foods, fried foods, alcohol, and high salt intake as they are difficult to digest and may cause liver damage.
DAILY DIET SCHEDULE EARLY MORNING Indian gooseberry (Amla) (Tridosha shamak) How to Take - 1 only and that should be cooked / Amla juice- 10-15 ml. BREAKFAST Broken wheat porridge (Dalia) / Veg Semolina (Upma) / Vermicelli (Sewian) / Poha (Rice flakes) / Chapatti + vegetable or daal / Pomegranate juice These all food items helps in pacifying pitta due to their light and easily digestible nature. MID-MORNING Fruit /Coconut water / Sprouts / Wheatgrass juice / Sugarcane juice/ green juice / Red juice These will help in getting the essential nutrients like minerals and vitamins to the body in natural form. LUNCH Plain chapatti / Boiled Rice / Khichri / Veg pulao / Buttermilk* / Vegetable + Dal Buttermilk* - This drink is to be prepared fresh every time from the curd of cow's milk. During butterification make sure that you remove all the cream (makkhan) from the liquid and use the fat free buttermilk. These are light, easily digestible. Helps in making the digestive fire good for the better digestion of the toxins to eliminate the excess toxins form the body & blood stream which ultimately reduces the overload of toxins from the liver and protecting its further damage. EVENING Herbal Tea / Soup (Home-made) / Sweet rice Help in rehydrating the body. These items act as a healthy appetizer and help in reducing the nausea and anorexia related symptoms in the jaundice. DINNER Salad / Plain chapatti / Boiled Rice / Vegetable + Daal These are light, easily digestible. Helps in making the digestive fire good for the better digestion of the toxins to eliminate the excess toxins form the body & blood stream which ultimately reduces the overload of toxins from the liver and protecting its further damage.
DIET INSTRUCTIONS CEREALS CEREALS TO BE CONSUMED Whole grains cereals, Whole wheat flour, Oatmeal, Whole brown bread, Porridge, brown rice, Rice flakes, Puffed rice, Millets Millets are the best, Barnyard millets and Brown top millets are particularly beneficial for the liver and digestive tract related diseases. These are the rich source of fiber and are having blood purifying abilities on long-term use. CEREAL BASED FOODS TO BE AVOIDED Sweet biscuit, cream-filled biscuit, cream crackers, cheese biscuits, noodles, pasta, macaroni, refined flour These all are heavy in nature and are responsible for decreasing digestive fire hence causes elevation of ama and hence tridosha, predominantly pitta. FRUITS FRUITS TO BE CONSUMED Banana (limited), pomegranate, apple, pear, bael fruit (Agele), raw papaya, raw banana, resins, fig, ripe papaya, ripe mango, coconut. Fruits are the rich source of essential nutrients required for the body. The fruits contain vitamins and minerals. They are rich in the magic molecule i.e. chlorophyll, which is almost having the similar composition to the hemoglobin in our blood. These fruits will make the metabolism better and cleansing the toxins out of the system helps in blood purification. FRUITS TO BE AVOIDED Canned fruits and juices, avocado, unseasonal fruits The canned fruit juices contain preservatives, which are derived from harmful artificial chemicals. These must be avoided further the unseasonal fruits are rared using the ethylene or other synthetic growth hormones, which can create multiple negative effects on the body and health. VEGETABLES VEGETABLES TO BE CONSUMED Asparagus, spinach, green beans, potatoes, leafy greens, pumpkins, ridge gourd, round gourd, bottle gourd, carrots, radish, pumpkin These help in maintain the balancing of pitta and help in body to provide the essential micro and macronutrients. VEGETABLES TO BE AVOIDED Canned vegetables, Peas, frozen vegetables, tomatoes, onions, ginger and garlic, egg plants, raai (Brassica nigra), Til (Sesame Seeds) etc. These are responsible for increasing kapha and pitta,causing diminishing digestion hence increase in pitta dominantly. FLESH FOODS FLESH FOODS TO BE CONSUMED Egg white portion only To be consumed once or twice in a week. FLESH FOODS TO BE AVOIDED Fish fried in suitable oil, prawns, lobster, crab, lean beef, pork, lamb, ham, turkey, veal, rabbit, Egg yolk, sausages, mutton, salami, bacon, duck, goose, organ meat like liver, kidney, and chest These all are the heavy foods and aggravates the kapaha and pitta dosha which in turn aggravates the Kamla (Jaundice). SPICES SPICES TO BE CONSUMED Cumin, coriander, Fennel, Salt (limited), Cardamom These spices can be consumed in a limited amount. And the decoction made from these help in relieving the flatulence and bloating related issues. SPICES TO BE AVOIDED Red chilli, Green chilli, Turmeric, Black pepper. Ginger These should be highly avoided as it causes direct aggaravation of pitta dosha. PULSES PULSES TO BE CONSUMED All Washed Daal, Green Moong Dal, Arhar daal, Masoor daal. These pulses are easily disgestible and are nourishment providers and can be consumed on daily basis. PULSES TO BE AVOIDED Black-eyed peas, Kidney beans, Pinto beans, Garbanzo beans, Chickpeas These are all heavy pulses which are difficult to digest and lead to the more vitiation of pitta by diminishing the digestive fire. DAIRY PRODUCTS DAIRY PRODUCTS TO BE CONSUMED Curd, Buttermilk* These are to be consumed once in a day. Buttermilk is easily digestible and act as a appetizer where as the curd acts as probiotic helps in maintaing the healthy gut flora. DAIRY PRODUCTS TO BE AVOIDED Whole milk and cream, full-fat yogurt, cheese, cream cheese, condensed milk, cheese Fat is not easily digestible as the liver functions are hampered as a result of jaundice. It is best to avoid all the dairy items. DRY FRUITS AND SEED DRY FRUITS TO BE CONSUMED 4-5 Almond (soak in water overnight), Walnuts, Pumpkin seeds. Resins These are essential to provide adequate strength to the body, due to water loss there is requirement of nutrients to the body. DRY PRODUCTS TO BE AVOIDED Cashew nuts, Peanuts These dry fruits will aggravates pitta. OTHER PRODUCTS OTHER PRODUCTS TO BE CONSUMED Home-made only, Jaggery, Sago, Honey, and Fruit juices, Vegetable juices These are wholesome food items which helps in pacifying the aggravated doshas. OTHER PRODUCTS TO BE AVOIDED Fried and Fatty foods, Spicy and Junk foods, Cakes, Chocolate, Pastries and Packaged products, bakery items All are tridosha aggravator predominantly pitta dosha aggravators. DRINKS DRINKS TO BE CONSUMED Coconut water, clear soups, sugarcane juice, Herbal tea, Beetroot juice, Wheatgrass, Aloe Vera juice, bitter gourd juice, gooseberry juice, pumpkin juice, pomegranate juice, radish juice These drinks helps to replenish the water loss due to vomiting associated with jaundice. DRINKS TO BE AVOIDED Whole milk drinks, cream-based liqueurs, canned soup, and packaged soup, diet soda, caffeine, Soft drinks, Tea, Coffee, and Alcohol These drinks are pungent in nature and thus aggravates the pitta.
Adoptable Lifestyle Whole fruit should be preferred to fruit juices. Skipping of meals should be avoided, especially the breakfast. 6 -Soaked Almond per day. Water intake should be increased at least 8-10 glass regularly. Cleanliness and hygiene should be maintained. Outdoor activity should be increased like jogging, cycling, and running. Rest as much as you can. Adopting these lifestyles will fasten up the healing process in the hepatocytes and help in pacifying the pitta naturally.
Lifestyles To Be Avioded Avoid excess exercise, sleeping during day hours, anger, stress conditions, long travelling, smoking, alcohol intake etc. Avoid suppression of natural urges such as urination, defecation, sleep, hunger etc. These lifestyles will lead to the vitiation of tridosha which ultimately result in the progression of the disease.
HOME REMEDIES HERBAL TEA Cumin, fennel, coriander seeds, (Boil 1/2 tsp. each of coriander, cumin, fennel in 3 cups of water till it's reduced to 1 cup) GREEN JUICE Coriander leaves (10-12), Mint leaves (4-5), Spinach leaves (2), Basil leaves (2-3), Wheatgrass (5-6), and Sheesham leaves (2-3) in 2 cups of water till it's reduced to 1 cup. RED JUICE Beetroot, Amla, Apple, Pomegranate, Mari gold flower petals (9-10), Rose petals (5-6) in 2 cups of water till it's reduced to 1 cup. BARLEY POWDER Mix 1 teaspoon of roasted barley powder with a glass of water, add 1 teaspoon of honey to it and have this twice a day. BASIL LEAVES Add 1 teaspoon paste of basil leaves to a glassful of radish juice. Have this juice twice a day for 15-20 days. ALOE VERA Take one teaspoon pulp of Aloe Vera with black salt and dry ginger powder every morning for a period of 10 days. BITTER GOURD Mash bitter gourd and extract its juice. Take one-fourth cup of the juice in the early morning daily. HERBAL TEA Boil 1/2 tsp each of fennels, coriander, cumin in cups of water till it's reduced to 2 cups. These juices will help in meeting the required water and electrolyte balance in the body. And help in flushing out the excess heat from the body, and thus helps in reducing the aggravated pitta.