Nov 2021

Scientific name of cinnamon: Cinnamomum jhelonicum
Sanskrit name for cinnamon: Tvak
English name of cinnamon: Cinnamon
Benefits of cinnamon
A great medicine for digestive disorders
Cinnamon is a panacea for cold
Cinnamon is very effective in gynecology
Cinnamon is used at home to enhance the taste of food
Some Other Amazing Benefits of Cinnamon You Probably Didn't Know
Cinnamon tree is always green and like a small bush. The bark of its stem is selected and dried. Their shape is spherical like Kavelu, dark, soft and brownish red in color. The fragrance always comes from the cinnamon tree. It is used as a condiment and medicine. Its oil can also be extracted. The leaves of the cinnamon tree are used as a spice in food. They are also called bay leaves. The calorific value of cinnamon is 355.
1. A Great Medicine for Digestive Disorders
Cinnamon can be used in these 4 different ways to improve digestion and for gastric disorders.
If you feel indigestion, stomachache and burning sensation in the chest, you can grind cinnamon, dry ginger, cumin and cardamom in equal quantity and take it with warm water.
Mixing cinnamon, black pepper powder and honey etc. after taking it after meals does not cause stomach problems.
Cinnamon stops nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.
To reduce the problem of constipation and gas, the powder and decoction of cinnamon leaves is taken.
2. Cinnamon is a panacea for cold
Boiling a pinch of cinnamon powder in water, adding a pinch of black pepper powder and honey to it, taking it reduces cold, cold, sore throat and malaria.
3. Cinnamon is very effective in gynecology
Cinnamon is used in uterine disorders and gonorrhea.
Chewing a piece of cinnamon for a month after delivery can prevent pregnancy.
Cinnamon increases the breast milk of the mother.
Uterine contraction occurs.
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4. Cinnamon is used at home to enhance the taste of food
The use of cinnamon leaves and bark is used to enhance the taste of cakes, sweets and food.
Cinnamon oil is used in perfumes, sweets and drinks.
5. Some Other Amazing Benefits of Cinnamon
For semen increase, take cinnamon powder with lukewarm milk in the morning and evening.
If there is a headache due to cold, grind cinnamon with water and apply syrup.
Cinnamon is used in the treatment of halitosis and toothache.
To reduce acne, apply cinnamon powder mixed with lemon juice.
Cinnamon is used as a measles preventive.
Constituents of cinnamon
Vitamin a and c
Cinnamon is sharply sweet in taste. Cinnamon has hot, light, digestive, purulent, expectorant, erectile properties. Reduces restlessness of mind. Improves liver function. Increases memory power.
Cinnamon has warm properties, so use less during summers.
Cinnamon can increase bile.
People of hot nature should consult a doctor.
Disadvantages of Cinnamon - Side Effects of Cinnamon in Hindi
We have told about the benefits of eating cinnamon, but consuming too much of it can also bring disadvantages.
Due to the acidic nature of cinnamon, teeth can be affected, leading to plaque and other problems.
Gastrointestinal (abdominal) disorders.
Liver problem.
Can lower glucose levels, which can make a person feel energized.