Tarot Horoscopes For May 14, 2023

Sunday's May 14, 2023, daily tarot horoscope provides insight and a prediction for each zodiac signs in astrology. Read on to explore what's predicted for your sign during the last full week of Taurus...

May 2023

What is Matsya Mudra?

In Sanskrit, "Matsya" means "Fish" thus Matsya Mudra stands for "Gesture of the Fish". This mudra represents shrouding something to protect it from harmful influences.
Matsya mudra is formed by pl...

Oct 2022

Bleed Happily And Stay Safe Ladies

Red inked your clothes since puberty, you track it right to check if you're healthy and of course you undergo many roller coasters of physical and mental stations on around every next parallel day of ...

Jul 2021

Tonsillitis (Tundikeri)

Tonsillitis is irritation of the tonsils, two oval-molded stack of tissue at the rear of the throat -- one tonsil on each side. Signs and side effects of tonsillitis incorporate swollen tonsils...

Jun 2021