How to Make Indian Flatbreads

Parathas are one of the many kinds of Indian flatbreads. They are made with whole wheat flour and the dough is usually enriched with a little ghee and salt. They are also called flaky or layered bread...

Jan 2023

7 Best Face Serum For Glowing Skin

If you're someone who is always on the lookout for the best skincare products, you might be aware of the important role that face serums play in nourishing your skin. Every dermatologist's advice...

Jun 2022

Walnut Face Scrub

CAC Walnut Scrub is the best exfoliating face scrub as it further delays the Skin ageing process and brings life to dull, dry and tired skin. Walnut improves blood circulation, provi...

Feb 2021

Palasha Kshara

Palasha Kshara
Reference - Sahasrayoga Kshara Prakarana 96.
Palasha Kshara is an ayurvedic formulation. This is prepared from an herb palasha. Palasha is a famous ayurvedic herb,...

Apr 2019

Ayurveda tastes – kashaya rasa

Kashaya rasa is one among six tastes elaborated in ayurveda. Kashaya rasa is astringent taste. According to principles of ayurveda this rasa or taste is composed of earth (prithvi) and air (vayu) elem...

Apr 2014