Your House System in Astrology

Choosing Your House System in Astrology

There are over 30 filters, or ways of seeing your world, in astrology. The 30+ house systems divide the circle up differently. This is ...

Feb 2023

Conscious Cafe 2023 Predictions

2023 Psychic Astrology Predictions - The Conscious Cafe
The Conscious Cafe in London (via Zoom) has kindly hosted my regular Astrology and Tarot 2023 event. What's in store for the...

Dec 2022

Make some Moon magic!

Once upon a time it was normal practice to work with the Moon to make magic.
Now people from all walks of life, from all over the world, are discovering with these ancient rites to reconnect with t...

Mar 2020

The 19th May Full Moon in Scorpio

The May 18th Full Moon in Astrology - Money, Money, Money!
The Full Moon on Saturday May 18th falls with the Sun at 27 Taurus and Moon at 27 Scorpio, the two finance signs. These rule c...

May 2019

A few things…

I was just thinking of what a privilege is to write these horoscopes. So let me start by saying, thank you for reading!

A few points I wanted to communicate...

- Weekl...

Jun 2018

Fate, Fortune, Astrology and Brexit

The vote for a Brexit in June 2016 is strangely fated. Regular visitors to this website will know it's old news that astrology has been predicting this since July 2015.
What is really i...

Jun 2016

Sagittarius New Moon

[photo1]New Moon 1 degree Sagittarius
The Sagittarius New Moon squares soulful Neptune in Pisces and this combination can make you restless.
Daily life may seem boring or unfulfilling, as you im...

Nov 2014

Taurus Full Moon

Full Moon 15 degrees Taurus[photo1]
The Taurus Full Moon provides a grounding influence, and helps you get back to basics.
Mars and Pluto in Capricorn highlight business, success and security bu...

Nov 2014

Libra New Moon

[photo1]New Moon 2 degrees Libra, Wed Sept 24
With the Sun, Moon, Mercury and the North Node in Libra there's a hard to ignore diplomatic energy. Tact and compromise are essential, and you'll find ...

Sep 2014

Pisces New Moon

The Pisces Fishes
New Moon 11 degrees Pisces
This inspiring Pisces New Moon is supported by a trine from lucky Jupiter. Success and opportunities are easy to create, especially when you follow y...

Feb 2014

Fashion Week Astro!

Moon's In Sagittarius At The Start Of LFW... Fun And Froliks!
London Fashion Week 2013
Check out the natal chart (below) for London Fashion Week 2013, the SS14 shows! It's l...

Dec 2013

Libra New Moon

New Moon 11 Libra
This New Moon* fuses the primary masculine (the Sun) with the primary feminine (the Moon) in the sign of relationships.
New beginnings are possible in close partnership...

Oct 2013