How Moving Changes Your Chart

Astrology has many uses. Besides learning about yourself through your birth chart, there is mundane astrology; done casting charts for events, like the launch of men to the moon. There is electional a...

Aug 2020

The Basics of Astrocartography

Have you ever traveled to a place you've never been to and feel like you just belong there? It could be tied to your birth chart!
While most followers of astrology are comfortable with the classic ...

May 2019

Astrology Chart Consults, Toronto

My next date to meet with clients in person in Toronto will be Wednesday July 26.
If you'd like to meet in person for an astrology chart session then, drop me a note to set a time.
I work from s...

Jun 2017

How Astrology Can Change Your Life

[photo1] Astrology may seem like this abstract thing when you're unfamiliar with it, and you may not understand how it could possibly help you. But ask an astrologer, and they'll probably give you...

May 2017

Busy Moon: Busy Weekend

[photo1]So, this weekend. Love and all that.
I'm not really one for the whole Valentine's Day thing. Sure, I like love, in fact I love love. But you know not just on one day a year. I think love de...

Feb 2015

Murivenna keram

Reference: Sahasrayogam
Murivenna is a curative for abhighaataja rogas and vata disorders. Murivenna is used as Ayurvedic massage oil that helps reduce pain, aches...

Mar 2012

Neptune & Pluto in Astrology

[photo1] Neptune Statue by mr.throk via Flickr Neptune and Pluto are generational planets, taking many years to go through a sign. In the natal chart, their house position is usually more important...

Oct 2011