How to Make Indian Flatbreads

Parathas are one of the many kinds of Indian flatbreads. They are made with whole wheat flour and the dough is usually enriched with a little ghee and salt. They are also called flaky or layered bread...

Jan 2023

Sun in Gemini Moon in Capricorn

This post looks at the compatibility between the combination of Sun in Gemini Moon in Capricorn.
Youthful Gemini and authoritative Capricorn will get on each other's nerves. Both of these independe...

Nov 2022

Can You Develop Psychopathy

Most agree that most psychopaths are born that way. Some feel nurturing or lack of nurturing can affect a person in this regard. In other case, developing psychopathy in a child may be the goal. Se...

Jul 2022

Easy Bread Poha Recipe / Poha Recipe

Poha is usually made for breakfast in Maharashtra. Bread poha is also a form of poha prepared with bread and some spices. Bread poha would be ready immediately, which you can serve in front of the gue...

Mar 2021

Mercury’s Transit Of Virgo

Mercury enters Virgo at 9:29 pm EDT on August 19th. Mercury is very comfortable in the sign it rules, which means communication/information will be extremely focused on details. Speci...

Aug 2020