April 3rd, 2023: Mercury Into Taurus

Mercury enters Taurus at 12:22 pm EDT. Information and communication will slow down and become very deliberate. The focus will be on what's solid, physical and immediate. Theories and potentials will ...

Apr 2023

Impaired digestion

Health depends on food breakdown
The indigestionis a condition characterized by difficulties in the processing, insufficient degradation and absorption of the consumed food in th...

Jan 2023

What Is the Collective Unconscious?

All of us in our individual conscious personalities are floating like corks in a sea of light-- and these corks have a certain porosity. Distinct as though we are in our life experiences, temperaments...

Nov 2022

Magical Mind Over Matter

We may say that each of us has a "magic mirror" which is our consciousness, and the world as we know it consists of what is reflected in our magic mirror. The world around us is a very personal mirror...

May 2022