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Specialties: Hi I am psychic Jayce I am experience well gifted psychic I specialize in taro cards that goes very deep into pass present future initial date and time I also specialize in palm reading that sells you past present and future I also specialize in face reading that tells you pass present future love in all situation and give you advice how to fix things tea leaf reading goes deep into your past life also your future in how to guide you into the right direction to open up new doors Love reading is based on love twin flame soulmate finding your true love and how to put love back together reunite relationship chakra balancing is balancing out the chakra looking deep down into the road and removing any excess of any problems that does not belong there aura cleansing is brightening up to Oregon to balance everything out and to remove any unwanted negativity i’ve been doing this since 30 years I have a few locations in California contact me now so I can tell you how to become a new you how to be focus no distraction how to be motivated how to understand things and look at things in a different way how to build up your energy your confidence and self-esteem and how to feel better about yourself once you wants felt before is not there no more and how to build it back up again it’s all about you and how to find a connection so contact me now 347-286-6065 or my email [email protected] Established in 1990. I am a 30 years experience gifted psychic I specialize Into your relationship your career business happiness financial all issues with family health issues I do Palm readings Tara card reading‘s face readings tea leaf reading reggae healing chakra healing crystal healing chakra balancing aura cleansing


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