Intuitive Counseling by JoAnn


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Specialties: Intuitive Counseling by JoAnn specializes in talking with Angels and transitioned loved ones. I work in direct contact with the ArchAngel Micheal. Are you looking for some answers? Are you looking for direction? Validation that those ideas that keep popping up are in fact good ideas? Are you stuck? I specialize in Chakra clearings! Call me for a session.. JoAnn (310) 351-3964 Established in 2008. As a young child growing up in a tumultous environment I would push my energy out to scan my house in order to find out what kind of mood I was walking into. Through this practice I learned to trust my intuition, I listened when a soft voice told me to go somewhere or do something. How do I know that I was listening to Angels and not Demons? Angels will only tell guide you in love for the highest good of all concerned. I dont beleive in Demons, just energies that operate at a lower frequency. I started taking classes from a very talented intuit, Psychic and Medium. She taught me how to expand my skills and narrow them into useful tools. I also recently graduate with a masters degree in Spiritual Psychology. I have been Intuitively Counseling (psychic) for the past two years.


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