Ayurveda tastes – kashaya rasa

Ayurveda tastes – kashaya rasa
Apr 2014

Kashaya rasa is one among six tastes elaborated in ayurveda. Kashaya rasa is astringent taste. According to principles of ayurveda this rasa or taste is composed of earth (prithvi) and air (vayu) elements. The foods and herbs which have kashaya rasa reduce kapha and pitta. It is very difficult to body to digest this type of foods or herbs. But when used in therapeutic dosages these herbs purify blood, heal ulcers, help in weight loss and cleanse the skin. Astringent herbs and foods have cold potency and absorb moisture from body. They cause dryness of tissues and constrict micro channels. Hence they are used in anti wrinkle face packs.
When kashaya or astringent tasting foods are used in excess, they cause indigestion, excess thirst, emaciation, constipation and loss of libido (impotence or erectile dysfunction).