Aligning with Our Dreams during the Corn Full Moon

Aligning with Our Dreams during the Corn Full Moon
Aug 2020

Aligning with Our Dreams during the Corn Full Moon


Astrology by Lisa Stardust
The Corn Full Moon in Pisces arrives on the evening of September 1st (if you're on the West Coast) and on September 2nd during the early hours of the morning making (if you are on the East Coast). This is an extremely emotional and intuitive luminary, which is why it's the best time of the year to connect with our subconscious and innermost dreams.

This Full Moon focuses on activating our innate psychic abilities. During this luminary, it's essential for us to prepare and clear our minds so that we can receive the messages that our spirits and guides want us to see on the astral plane.

The Full Moon connects with Uranus, who's retrograde in Taurus. This energy will awaken us from our seasonal dreams and allow us to find clarity within ourselves -- to help us move forward with our deepest visions.

The Hammer of Thor is ignored in the sky by Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and the Nodes of Destiny. We are receiving psychic downloads from the universe now, which is why we have to prepare ourselves for the messages we will be

The fixed star Skat will bring good fortune to this luminary. It promises to add happiness, love, and luck to our hearts. Also, prosperity and fortitude to our dreams. The Sabian symbol for the Corn Full Moon is a person "Seeking Illumination." And, it literally will bring immense understanding to our lives.

We will finally come to terms with the parts of ourselves that need to be seen and heard. The voice within ourselves is yearning to come out -- listen with an open heart and mind to connect with your divine dreams.

*The Corn Full Moon occurs on September 1st at 10:22PM PST and September 2nd at 1:22AM EST.

Aligning with Our Dreams during the Corn Full Moon

This luminary focuses on spiritual, psychological, and emotional wellbeing. Therefore, it's important for us all to connect to our dreams and subconscious. A calming bath and dream journaling will allow us to bring our inner visions to fruition.

3 Cups of Moon Water (infuse the water under the Moon)
1/2 Cup Fresh or Dried Lavender or 4 Drops of Lavender Oil
1/4 Cup of Fresh or Dried Bergamot
1 Cup of Epsom Salt or Pink Himalyan Salt
Dream Journal (a journal in which you can record your dreams)

Charge the amethyst and water under the Moon. Place all of the ingredients in a bath. Meditate and decompress with the aromatic healing blend. This will allow you to detox your mind, in order to get deeper into your subconscious when you dream. Place the amethyst crystal by your bed for protection while sleeping. Write down a question in your dream journal before you go to sleep in your journal. In the morning when you wake up, write down the images and symbols that were in your dream. Use your own interpretations to understand the meaning of what your spirits brought to you on the astral plane while dreaming to receive the answers you are longing for.