Admin Note Regarding Unsubs From Newsletter

Admin Note Regarding Unsubs From Newsletter
Apr 2023

I've had numerous people contact me to say they've been unsubbed from my newsletter. They generally assume this is something I've done. It's not. I want to explain the behind the scenes stuff, to the best of my ability.

My mail list provider, aweber, has to stay on good terms with the various email providers. Occasionally, one of them requests that aweber not deliver to blocks of emails. This is what was explained to me, some years ago. As far as I know, it's not changed. Periodically, I do get a flurry of emails - why did you unsub me? I think this is how and why this happens.

For the record, I never go in there and unsub people, meaning if you and I clash or have some kind of altercation, I am not going to go in an unsub you. I can live with disagreement! However, I do go in, periodically and block delete people who never open the letters.

Now this does not mean, if you don't click for a month, you will be unsubbed. You won't! You have to ignore all mails for more like 5-6 months. At that point, I'm doing you a favor but there is another issue here.

If you have blocking on your email, if you block images, that is where aweber puts the tracking. I don't put it there, they do. So if you don't load the picture over time, for 5-6 months or so, then you will eventually get unsubbed by me, when I go in to do housekeeping. Load a picture one a month and that'll workaround this issue.

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